The most beautiful city in Israel – Haifa

  Haifa is a port city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, at the foot of the picturesque Mount Carmel. The slopes of the central part of the mountain are mostly residential, and on its top are museums, hotels and shops. Transportation from the top of Mount Carmel to the bottom is carried out by the shortest metro in the world called “Carmelite”, the Bat Ganim cable car and, of course, by road.

  Modern Haifa is a calm and beautiful city, considered the most ethnically mixed city in Israel. Tourists come here not only to enjoy a vacation on the magnificent beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, but also to admire the breathtaking scenic views of the bay, as well as to have the opportunity to touch the monuments of ancient times.

Beach vacation

  Haifa is considered Israel’s most popular beach destination. The weather here is warm from March to October. Let’s note the favorite beaches of tourists: Dado, HaHof-HaShaket, Kiriat-Haim and Neve Yam. Each beach in Haifa is unique, but they are united by perfectly clear water and excellent infrastructure.

What to see in Haifa?

  Haifa is surrounded by natural beauty – – mountains and sea, and the city offers a wonderful mixture of old districts, churches and mosques as well as modern neighborhoods. This unique multifaceted policy provides tourists with many great places to visit, such as:

  The cave of the prophet Elijah. The history of the Elijah Cave is long and winding, as complex and mysterious as the cave itself. While you are at the foot of Mount Carmel, this is one place not to be missed.

The Arab market, known as Wadi, near the German colony, exudes many traditional touches. With its narrow streets, old stone houses, Jewish and Arab artisans and an air rich in local delicacies, you will want to get lost in its charm.
Carmelite Monastery Stella Maris. It is believed that it was built around 1290 AD. This is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. It is located high above the city of Haifa, and this monastery can be reached by cable car from the Bat Galim waterfront.

  Bahai Gardens, one of the pearls of Israel and, in particular, Haifa, attracting millions of visitors every year. They have intricately designed walking paths, terraces and views of the Haifa Bay.

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