The unique city of Nazareth

   Located in the beautiful Lower Galilee region and known as the city where Jesus Christ lived and grew up, Nazareth is today one of the largest cities in northern Israel. Most of the people in Nazareth are Muslims. A city with a Christian heritage, a Muslim majority and a Jewish state is one of the many characteristics that make this multicultural city so unique.

   Currently, Nazareth is home to hundreds of churches and monasteries belonging to different Christian denominations. It is the main destination for pilgrims on their Holy Land tours to Israel. Nazareth, with its rich Christian history, is an ideal stopover during your travels in Israel.

Some sights of Nazareth

   It is difficult to imagine what Nazareth might have looked like in the time of Jesus, but the city has a theme park with actors called “Village of Nazareth” dedicated to this very purpose. By visiting it, you will learn how people lived 2,000 years ago, for example, how they cultivated fields, built terraces, how they raised sheep, sheared wool, spun and dyed threads, and made wine. History comes to life before our eyes!

In addition to numerous Christian places of worship, Nazareth also has Muslim shrines. One of them is the oldest White Mosque in the city. The grave of its founder, Sheikh Abdullah, rests in the courtyard. Today the mosque is run by his descendants. The White Mosque has a museum where you can learn the history of Nazareth.

Not far from Nazareth is the unique historical site of Sepphoris. During the life of Jesus, it was a prosperous city, but now it lies in ruins. Currently, a national park is located in its place, in which excavations are underway. Travelers can see the surviving fragments of the fortress wall, a unique mosaic (its peculiarity is that it is Greco-Roman in its technique of execution, while in its content it is Jewish), the tower of the Crusaders, and much more. The park, stretched out on a hill, offers wonderful views of the Galilee and the Golan Heights. All the necessary amenities are equipped for tourists, so that you can spend the whole day in the park.

  Lively Nazareth should not be overlooked during your visit to Israel, as it is rich in cultural, historical, archaeological and spiritual attractions. Whether you are religious or not, you will appreciate the picturesque beauty and special atmosphere of this city. Full information about what is worth visiting in Nazareth and its environs will be provided to you at the DVASH-TOURS travel agency.

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